Affiliate Program

Applicants to our affiliate program (hereinafter: partner, applicant) fully accept the partnership agreement described below (hereinafter: partnership contract, contract affiliate program, program) and consider it binding on them.

To apply for the program, it is necessary and mandatory to fill in the partner program form and fully accept this contract.

By sending the program form, you agree to participate in this program, you agree to our data management policy and the General Terms and Conditions.

This Agreement forms part of, but supplements, the General Terms and Conditions.

In matters not regulated here, the General Terms and Conditions and the Civil Code, as well as the regulations in force in Hungary and the rules of the European Union apply.

The system of rules is currently being developed.

If someone registers before the finalization of the elaboration, then if the registration is accepted, we will only be our applicant partner if, after the notification of the finalization in the e-mail received after the finalization, he also expresses by e-mail that .

Thank you for your understanding.